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What to expect with your membership

Personalized care map

Our thoughtfully-designed onboarding process will help us build a care map that centers your unique health needs.

Navigation and advocacy

We have the lived experience and healthcare expertise to navigate almost any issue or health system.

Vetted provider searches

Our provider searches give you the data and context you need to make informed decisions when building your care team.

Access to evidence-based care

Get to the root cause of your symptoms and access evidence-based treatments from providers you can trust.

Expert guidance from clinicians

Questions about your diagnosis? Unsure about next steps? Get expert guidance from inclusive clinicians anytime.

Privacy guaranteed

Our platform begins and ends with the safety and privacy of your data. Security isn't just a feature — it's foundational.

Real reviews from Iconic members

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"I’ve been super satisfied with my experience. I love the reports I get about my provider matches and my care navigator has been amazing. Highly recommend!"



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"I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses and this has been life-changing. For over a decade I have struggled to find the right doctors and advocate for myself…My new PCP and neurologist have been incredibly supportive and I feel hopeful about the future."



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"I was looking for a size-inclusive doctor after having a number of bad experiences. I was cautious about paying for help since I wasn’t sure if it would be useful, but the questions I answered gave me a chance to explain what was important to me. The communication was quick and clear and I was connected with a doctor who really took the time to listen to me and my history. It was clear from the info I was provided about options that the navigator actually paid attention to what I’d written and asked the relevant questions and it was ABSOLUTELY worth paying for the service since it meant having someone on my side and able to ease the stress and burden of trying to go it alone. I will absolutely be recommending the service to those I know who need to find a doctor."



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"Iconic is the only way I'll ever look for a doctor again! The experience was personal, supportive and most importantly, worth it."



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"This service has been life changing. I’m a Black bisexual woman and I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with doctors in the past. Yesterday I saw one of the doctors Iconic recommended and she was incredible. She took the time to listen to me and didn’t make any assumptions about my lifestyle choices. I’ve never experienced this in the past and literally cried when I got home."



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"Last week I left my new doctor's office for the first time in a long time not feeling ashamed or embarrassed. This service is awesome and totally worth it. I now have a gyn who listens to me and treats me with care ❤️"



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"Before January I hadn't had a proper doctor in years. I'd just go to urgent care for everything, and it worked for a while but I started needing more support. I was a little nervous at first but over the past few months my navigator has helped me find two doctors that have been amazing. Iconic is a service I'll continue to use. I'm so grateful for y'all."



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Frequently asked questions

What types of providers can I search for?
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We can help you find any kind of inclusive healthcare provider, from primary care doctors and specialists to therapists, dietitians, birth workers and more.

How do you vet healthcare providers?
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We always do our best to find you the most inclusive care available in your area. To pass our screening, providers must show a willingness to respect boundaries, offer inclusive seating and equipment, and treat all patients with dignity. We will always make sure you know exactly what to expect in this regard before you make your first appointment. You deserve to feel safe with your doctor!

What can I expect at the end of each provider search?
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At the end of each search, we’ll share a personalized report with profiles of 1-2 providers we’ve vetted for you. We’ll be thorough and honest about what kind of care you can expect from each provider. From there, you can make a final determination on the practitioner who best fits your needs before making an appointment.

If you have any questions about your report or anything else, your care navigator is just a message away!

How do I cancel my Iconic membership?
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You can cancel your membership by messaging your care navigator or by emailing